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<br />DC car air conditioners 003<br /><br />Product description:<br />1. Specifically for users not to lauch design a car with air conditioning, energy saving, environment protection.<br />2. You can use 24V DC power supply is not driven lauch vehicle, and can be obtained directly from battery power, and more safety.<br />3. And stream lined design and compact size.<br />4. Integrated design and optimization of pipelines and less opportunity to leak coolant and more secure.<br />5. The use of refrigerant R134a, and safety and the environment for professionals.<br />6. Copper piping and design in general, to a significant improvement in the life of the product.<br />7. A wide range of applications: CR, tuned car, truck, lorries, crane, and base stations for communications and other vehicles, etc. speical purpose.<br /><br />Cooling Capacity: 3000W<br />Rated output: 750-1500W<br />Power supply: 24V 50HZ<br />Cooled: Using R134a<br />Evaporator airflow: 500m3 h<br />Compressor capacity: 30<br />Compressor power: 24V<br />The way the air: the speed of promise<br />Weight: 30KG<br />Dimension: 880X660X280MM x W x H

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