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<br />Our team was founded in 1998, with a focus on industry model for about 10 years.We take into account every detail of every requirement and innovation in the production process, and trying to use the new engineering materials in the process of developing prototypes to search incessantly.We customer requirements and function products.According models of the size of the product function of the Assembly, and surface treatment for more details, more perfect production technology solutions.<br />We use the main material of aluminum alloy, magnesium alloy AZ91, and zinc alloy Zamak3, Zamak5 and other metal materials, and especially imported from various developed special engineering plastics.<br />To benefit from the project: communication box, box, heat sink, and cut off the transmission cars, engines, body, 3C electronic and electrical parts.Sheet parts of the structure of metal products and other industrial products from plastics and glass manufacturing components, and all types of industry exhibitions and shows in the appearance of the sample function, and surface treatment, assembly, and precision CNC parts production batch.<br />We have passed ISO9001: 2008 quality system standard process sophisticated measurement tool for quality control, to make sure that we can offer high quality products.<br />Now, the largest manufacturer of domestic most professional of the prototype industrial design, we take the difficult task of developing and improving level.We technique will keep learning and absorbing advanced technology horizontal foreign and the concept of manufacturing, and continuous improvement in the production process and improve efficiency.With conscience engineers and responsibility, and will We offer the best quality of services to local and international clients.<br />MeiKao principles is "to meet you", "to meet you", "to help you succeed."

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