Caustic Soda Pearls


<br />Format: Sodium hydroxide<br />Specifications:<br />Purity sodium hydroxide: Minimum 99.0<br />Sodium carbonate Na2CO3: 0.8 Max<br />Sodium chloride NaCl: 0.1 Max<br />Iron Fe: 50 ppm Max<br />Particle size to 60 mesh: Minimum 90<br /><br />Application:<br />It is the main raw materials for the production of soap, and paper industry, it can solve the impurity of wood, so you can be a pure fiber available in the paper industry, and in the textile industry and can be used in the production of fabric; in the oil refining industry, and is used to remove the acids in the oil sector and improve the smell and color of oil products and oil.<br /><br />Packing: In PPBag 25kg or as requested by the buyer

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