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<br />Vamp: network Sandwich<br />Size: 31-34 35-38 39-42<br />Wheels: High rebound PU casting<br />Loader: Abec-5 or 7-Abec<br />Chassis: Aluminum<br />Color: Black Red, Blue White, Pink, Yellow Black<br />Adjustable system: back adjustable<br />Color box: 45 37 12cm Size: 39-42<br />40 34 11cm Size: 35-38, 31-34<br />Carton size: 75 46.5 38.5cm Size: 39-42<br />69 41.5 35.5cm Size: 35-38, 31-34<br />N. W G. George: 13.62kg17.92kg Size: 39-42<br />12.3kg16.15kg Size: 35-38<br />10.59kg14.14kg Size: 31-34<br />PVC handle: 44 37 7cm Size: 39-42<br />43 36 6cm Size: 35-38<br />41 34 6cm Size: 31-34<br />Carton size: 64 44 36cm Size: 39-42<br />61 43 34.5cm Size: 35-38<br />59 42 33.5cm Size: 31-34<br />N. W G. George: 13.62kg15.88kg Size: 39-42<br />12.3kg14.2kg Size: 35-38<br />10.59kg12.6kg Size: 31-34<br />Outer packing: 6prscarton<br /><br />Roller shoes skate, and sneakers popular, adjustable skate shoes inline, skate shoes inline, skate shoes, shoes roller, ski boots, shoes skate board, inline skate, shoe tracking, and shoes with wheels, skiing, and ski boots for men.<br /><br />Specifications:<br />Boot: childhood included hard boot adjustable.<br />Wheels: 64 24MM clear PU cast 82A<br />Trends: ABEC 7<br /><br />Available Sizes:<br />Medium 12 to UK2 new<br />Large UK3 to UK6<br /><br />Skiing is a great way to get and stay in shape. The exercise provides cardiovascular and uses major muscle groups while allowing participants to be active outdoors. Ride sleds built-is also a fun activity you can enjoy with friends and family.<br /><br />Built-in ski gear<br /><br />You ski built, of course. And your choice should be based on the type of skate skiing you intend to do. There are several types of ice skating: recreational, fast, aggressive for those wishing to do tricks and hockey. When choosing your ski, and the search for fit properly to keep your feet and ankles, and provide the necessary support to provide control. For children, and choose the ski that fit now, not oversized ski that a child can grow in; skis that are too large lead to frequent falls.<br /><br />The proof is an important part of skiing to protect you from injury. Helmet is a must, even for experienced skiers. Although you may be in control of yourself, you can not control what's happening around you.

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