Cement tanker trailer


<br />Station Landing: JOST A400-speed manual of the second type with the process of sand shoes<br />Lifting capacity: 22, 750kg<br />Static load: 72, 750kg<br /><br />Antenna system:<br />Made in China Shanghai 495AG: electric<br />7m3min Made in China: Air Compressor<br />Mounted in the front of the trailer, the curtain of the diesel engine and compressor<br /><br />Electricity:<br />Voltage: 24volt<br />Pot: 7 way<br />Light Front Marker Lamp: White<br />Side Marker Lamp: Amber<br />Rear lamp: Red<br />Turn signal lamp: Amber<br /><br />Structural weight of evaluation:<br />Empty weight: 13, 000KG<br />Pay load: 30, 000KG<br />C. Against W. R: 51, 000KG<br />King pin weight: 18, 500KG<br />Axle weight: 32, 500KG<br /><br />Motherboard: customer requirement and<br /><br />Others:<br />Can be locked I holes and ports against theft<br /><br />Note: All details listed above do not abide by Chinese laws<br />1 sand blast before painting<br />2 the color of zinc-rich paint the Prime Minister and the top according to customer requirements

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