Chain link fence


<br />Chain link fence<br />Using high quality iron rod as raw material, and link fence, and after galvanizing, PVC coating powders retreat, and can resist UV rays that cause corrosion and very strongly. PVC powder coating thickness can be up usually higher than 1. 0mm. Fence to obtain powders is very strong to resist vibration. The ends of the wall and usually have two types of joints and or barbs twisted.<br /><br />Attribute:<br />With wide applications, convenient installation, and competitive price, and this type of item is very suitable for the users. The use of high quality steel and raw materials, and fabricated body panel is a very strong force of resistance. It's a good opportunity for a wide range of applications, for example to include the park, the road.<br /><br /><br />Open 1 "1.5" 2 "2.25" 2.4 "2.5" 3 "4"<br />25mm 50mm 40mm 60mm 65mm 55MM 100mm 76mm<br />Wire diameter 18 -7<br />1.20mm-5.00mm<br />Length of the roll 1.0m-50M<br />Showing roll 0.5M, 5.0m<br />Can be made of materials and specifications and in accordance with the requirements of specific customers.<br /><br />Contact: Rose Chang<br />rosewiremesh at hotmail dot com<br />8613903284347

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