Chili powder


<br />1. Categories: pepper chili product Powder and Flake and crush :, paprika pod powder flake seeds<br /><br />The degree of pungency, the degree of hot Shaw: mild, medium and high.<br /><br />2. Chili hot sale, pimiento: 2009 crop pepper Chaotienn chili Tianying chili, chili bullet, Aado pepper powder and pepper Chaotienn crushed chili pepper, crushed Chaotienn pepper chili pepper Chaotienn flake chili, chili pepper red America chili powder, and American red chili pepper red pepper hot America chili, red chili America flake chili, Jinta chili chili powder, pepper jianta crushed chili pepper, and crushed jianta pepper chili, chili Genta flake pepper, Aado pepper chili powder, Aado pepper crushed chili pepper, and crushed Aado pepper chili, pepper Aado peeling chili peppers pepper, seeds and paprika powder crush is completely in the market now, please contact us promptly, we will quote you the best price in the net as soon as possible.<br /><br />3. Can be exported to the EU standard European, American and Asian countries and others: We have a chili chili powder and flake and crush.<br /><br />Size: Powder: 40 120mesh; Flick: 5-12mm; Crush: 5-25mesh.<br /><br />4 grinding equipment of our powder and flake and crush is the most advanced in China.<br /><br />5. We have our own factory for drying and grinding chili chili<br /><br />6. Currently grinding equipment we have here is the most advanced.<br /><br />7. Fine Quality: EU standard, suit to Japan, Korea and the United States, Mexico, Spain and other<br /><br />Class: A, B, C, D, E.<br /><br />8. Stems petioles, Sibal and seeds: With or without.<br /><br />9. Use: Combine spices BBQ, snacks, stew, chili, food from India, Morocco, Europe and the Middle East.<br /><br />10. Place of origin: Xinjiang Province, China.<br /><br />11. The time of harvest: 2009.<br /><br />12. Sample: We can supply a free sample of charge to customers,<br /><br />13. Color: red, refined the university, selected.<br /><br />14. Flavor aroma: the degree of hot is the 8000-25000shu.<br /><br />15. Providing the capacity: 15, 000MTyear.<br /><br />16. Supply period: all year round.<br /><br />17. Storage and transport: 2040 feet container or refrigerator container dry.<br /><br />18. Humidity: 8-10<br /><br />19. Network: 60-80mesh.<br /><br />20. Mixing: Max 1.<br /><br />21. Speckle, molds, aflatoxin, Salmonella: no.<br /><br />22. Packing:<br /><br />Package: bag of Kraft cardboard,<br /><br />Inner packing: bag 20kgPP, 25kgkraft bag, vacuum bag.<br /><br />Outer packing: Carton or according to customer requirements.<br /><br />23. Weight pregnancy:<br /><br />Weight of chili powder with Kraft Packaging: 20'FCL 16.25mts<br /><br />24. Price: According to different quality and package.<br /><br />25. Traditional conditions of payment: After sales confirmation signed, to pay 30 prepaid and 70 within 48 hours after receiving the copy of B <br /><br />26. Price Terms: FOB, CFR and CIF.<br /><br />27. Shipment port: the port of Qingdao, China.<br /><br />28. Delivery time: 10-15 days after signing the contract, sales and reached pre-payment.<br /><br />29. Minimum Order: 1 20 'FCL.<br /><br />30. Certificate of Inspection: fumigation disinfection certificate, certificate of origin, phytosanitary certificate, and a certificate of inspection on the quantity and quality.<br /><br /><br /><br />Qingdao Eastern Sun for import and export. Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer and exporter of all kinds of products hot pepper and paprika. We have been in line to export fresh vegetables and AD FD, and fruits, spices and nuts for more than ten years. Our company is the title Room1002, Block 10F international Central Plaza, No.19 2 Changzhou Road, Qingdao, China, where it is useful and convenient in transportation. Welcome to visit our company.

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