China frosted glass to the living room


<br />China Frosted glass for living room<br /><br />Thickness: 4-12 mm<br />Size: 2440 2200 1830mm or 1650mm<br />Color: clear, bronze, bronze and gray color gray, pink, green, black, bronze, gold, etc..<br /><br />Choose a car float glass Grade as raw materials,<br />Acid etching on the basis of an agreement glass products, with all the requirements of SGS, ISO9001Standard also issued a certificate and CE internationl.<br /><br />Is used widely these glasses and frosted doors environmental<br />The doors of the kitchens and laundry rooms, and rooms of the Interior,<br />Bookcases, and the halls of East, and shoe boxes, cabinets and wine, and cabinets, hotels, entertainment venues etc..<br /><br />Hello you visit our website chinadecorativeglass. Com<br />E-mail: Bay being in the neighborhood. CN

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