China Mesh Belt Heat Treatment Line


Welcome to visit jtfurnace dot com. Mesh Belt Heat Treatment Line is for continuous carburizing quenching tempering. Advantages: 1.Absorption of foreign advanced technology, optimizing the structure design. large capacity, easy maintenance. 2.Equipped with mixing fans. In the furnace the temperature atmosphere is even. 3.The atmosphere controls stably, the processing product organization is stable 4.Underneath the furnace side is equipped with the clear slag notch. 5.With emission and waste heat recovery agencies before the furnace. 6.Oil tank with the cold heat exchanger and filter, can control the oil temperature and ensure clean. 7.Washing machine is equipped with the oil-water separator and the strong dry winds system. 8.Tempering furnace heating elements have upper and lower sub-row design layout, with the mixing fans. 9.Products with low residual austenite, hardness uniform, bright and clean surface. Detailed product specifications, please visit our website jtfurnace dot com. And email to us jtfurnace at hotmail dot com

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