Chumee green tea series running


<br />Xingyang maojian excellent quality, and unique multi-process treatments.and refined. Xingyang maojian appearance of fine, round, and light, respectively, and seedling height TingXiu, color, glitter green, or baekho clear; green tea is bright it, and the smell of a new taste of chestnut leaves a strong and lasting, and cooked fresh thick, and refreshing, and a return to self, pale green Gump bright paper, even. Xingyang maojian himself with thirst, and a pure heart in the eye bright and refreshing, to go be bored with the food, and prevent atherosclerosis and cancer prevention, control and protection of radioactive elements from scurvy, and the function DuoZhong with the effectiveness of medical treatment. Drink tea often maojian tea, can reduce blood pressure, reduce cholesterol in the blood from the stomach, kidneys and liver to perform purification own, and fats and other can not help digestion only, and also prevent the disease in the digestive system. At the same time, they often drink xingyang maojian also can effectively reduce the risk of cancer.

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