Circular plastic connector


<br />Welcome to the President of Ningbo and Electronic Technology Co.. Dubai Investment Park Ltd., a manufacturer and converter cabling system<br />The manufacturer.<br />Circular plastic connector<br />Specifications: 2pin, 3pin, 4pin, 5pin, 6pin, 7pin, 8pin.<br />Item No.:. WT10-LJ-D02030405060708<br />Circular connector, circular connector, circular plastic, metal connector, bar connector pressure welding, Terminal<br />Mass of the circular link: 2PIN, 3PIN, 4PIN, 5PIN, 6PIN,, 8PIN 7PIN plastic circular connector: P series, X,<br />CX series, Y2, series YP, series YD, series GX, series H, XS series metal circular connector.<br />Wiring harness 2.0mm pitch, pitch 2.5mm, pitch 2.54mm, pitch 3.96mm, pitch 4.2mm, 4.5mm pitch, pitch 5.08mm,<br />6.2mm pitch, pitch 6.35mm, 7.5mm pitch pressure welding bar connector, EL type, the type of CH, EH type, the type of PH type XH,,<br />VH type, ZH type, SAN type, SANW type, node type, SCNW type, TJC pressure welding bar connector type:<br />Cable system terminal blocks and protector, and high clamp terminal block type, pluggable terminal block system, and spring<br />Narrowing the system terminal block, terminal block type Station strips, and the path station terminal block system, welding<br />The board. Company: Cixi Wangtong Electronic Co., Ltd. Contact: Mr. Joshua Wu<br />If you want to get more information, you can access our company website: We sincerely hope can have opportunities for<br />Cooperation with us <br />Company: Ningbo Prime Electronic Technology Co,. Ltd.<br />Contact: Mr. Joshua Wu<br />E-mail: <br />MSN: <br />Skype: cxwtdz5<br />Tel: 86 0574-23618667<br />Fax: 86 0574-23711368<br />Postal Code: 315333<br />Location: Kuangyan Industrial Park, Kuangyan Town, Cixi City, Zhejiang Province<br />High quality and high useful at all

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