Citric acid monohydrate


<br />Molecular formula: C6H8O7<br />Resolution: monohydrate; anhydrous<br />Package: 25kgbag<br />22MT20FCL<br />CAS Code: 77-92-9<br /><br /><br />Introduction<br /><br />1. Name: citric acid<br /><br />2. Molecular formula: C6H8O7<br /><br />3. Molecular weight: 192.14<br /><br />4. Physical and chemical property:<br /><br />Melting point: 153 C, boiling point: decomposition<br /><br />Density: 1.6650 point impurities,: 100 C<br /><br />5. Specifications: monohydrate; anhydrous<br /><br />6. Appearance: white powder crytallized, odorless<br /><br />Details<br /><br />1. Use: used in the food industry chemical industry, textiles, medicines, livestock production, environmental protection, cosmetics, and sterilization.<br /><br />2. Features: hazardous chemicals<br /><br />Name<br />Citric acid<br /><br />Molecular formula<br />C6H8O7<br /><br />CAS code<br />77-92-9<br /><br />Molecular weight<br />192.14<br /><br />Specification<br />Monohydrate; anhydrous<br /><br />Package<br />25kgpp bag<br /><br />20 'FCL<br />22MT<br /><br />Hazardous chemicals<br />Yes<br /><br />The supervision of the case<br /><br /><br />HS code<br />29181400<br /><br />Port of loading<br />Tianjin or Qingdao<br /><br />The target market<br />South East Asia, North Africa and South Asia<br /><br />Pallet or not<br />Yes

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