Clarify Lifting Boom


<br />Item measure measuring Item<br />Dimensions of productivity<br />Overall length preserved 8.83M high platform 29ft maximum. 18.4M 60ft<br />Overall Width Mahfouz 2.46M 8.1ft maximum working height. 20.4M 67ft<br />Overall height Mahfouz 2.69M 8.8ft Max horizontal reach. 12.1M 40FT<br />0.21M ground clearance 0.7ft turntable rotation 360 degrees continuous<br />Wheelbase 2.44M 8ft 160 platform rotation<br />Total weight of 10500kg payload platform 4WD capability 250kg<br />Platform Size L W H 1.83 0.76 1.1M<br /> And 6ft 2.5ft 3.6ft Grade ability 40 4WD<br />Automatic settlement platform radius and touched out 6.29M 20FT<br />Specifications tires 33x12-20 turning radius in 3.48 m 11.4ft<br />Circle the type of solid tire tailswing 0M 0ft outside<br />Max power. Driving speed of 6km h<br />Hydraulic tanks folder. 110L speed driving Mahfouz 0 6km h<br />Hydraulic system folder. Inc tank driving speed 150L extended 0 1.1km h<br />Fuel tank volume. 150L Max wind force allowable 12.5m s<br />Slope of voltage control 24V Max allowed 3 degrees<br />Cummins B3.3 engine noise Max 60HP<br />In normal use 82dB A<br />Command and control model 4WD 2WS Max allowable side force 400N

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