Cleaner deep to the man


<br />Coal for 1.Mineral absorption superpower, and various metal materials and active ingredients can clean the dirt in the pores, and the renewal and natural, and infiltrate quickly into the skin, and control the excessive secretion of fat, and allow the skin to keep the update and clean all day long. Can 2.Contain grape seed oil and various amino acids, and enhance the capacity of skin moisture while feeding the skin renewal required, and enhance the vitality of the skin, leaving a face full of glitter of water. designde 3.Esppecially the skin of men and the moderate nature, refuesh light and fragrance, and full view of the meanings of the man chaming HELLO: Your face bright with excess grease or pores in your face are great Or the skin becomes greasy again after a few minutes after washing Now, let us help you keep all of these skin problems. Start with the face of professional men washing.Our fomula make your face a refreshing 1 of Monday to greasy.

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