Cleaning agent ZZP


<br />Description<br />In the oil well acidizing and fracture, it must be the conveyance of fluids quickly and work well after the completion of the work to avoid pollution to the reservoir twice. But the rest of the fluid is usually a very high interfacial tension, so that it can not be discharged completely. ZZP cleaning agent and can reduce the surface tension, and increase the activity of the interface, so that the working fluid can be downloaded quickly and completely after it is added. Otherwise the worker can not be cleaned ZZP enhance the working fluid by injection.<br />Application:<br />Helped dump can be added to the agents ZZP acidizing fluid and break the direct means by design. The recommended dosage is 2.0 3.0kgm3.<br />Packaging and transportation:<br />Packaged in plastic barrels 200Kg or packaged according to customer demand.<br /><br />Be applicable in the means of public transport.<br />Shelf life is 2 years.

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