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<br />And carry these products in SUYU between the willingness of customers.<br /><br />All products are tested by BV, ISO, and SGS. But have been recognized well by all our customers.<br /><br />Our major products are classified as a series of 6, only as follows:<br />1. Elastic rail clips, clips E<br />2. Height of the dog, square head screws, wood screw, bolts engine T-bolts and fish, high tensile bolts for railway bridges etc..<br />3. Various types and sizes of plates tie, rail clamps, rail fastenings, paintings measure, railway platforms, fish plates, etc.<br />4. Bow rail, and shoulders and anchors welded rail.<br />5. Standard fasteners<br />6. Nuts, washers, washing machines and flat in the spring, nylon insulator, bushing, etc.<br /><br />Flexibility of the footage: e1609, e1809, e1817, e2001, e2006, e2009, e2055, e2056<br />Pandrol clip: PR309, PR401<br />SKL clip: skl1, skl3, skl12, skl14<br />Screw nail: Ss5, SS8, Ss25, Ss36<br />Track bolt: the neck and elliptical oval neck<br />HS bolt clip: Hs26, Hs32<br />Rail Clamp: KPO3, KOP06<br />Fish dish: 115RE, 132RE, UIC54, UIC60, TJ45, TJ57, BS60, BS75<br />Spring Washer: Fe6<br />Flat washer: Uls6, Uls7<br />Nuts: Nuts Nylon, hex nuts, square nuts, walnuts and heavy natural<br />Nails: Nails of plastic and nylon which are used for all types of screws in effect protect the nails.<br />Shoulder Assembly with all kinds of clips and Pandrol E<br />Rail rubber pad: R54, 1435mm, R54, 1067mm, R60, 1435mm; ZW687, ZW700<br />Insulator: nylon insulator which was used for the E and the footage of those plates directory footage SKL

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