Cloth water resistant


<br />Made on fabric canvas cotton 100, and water-coated paint, and the resistance fluctuations and turns, no reflectors, with the style of art elegant, good color reproduction and high resolution images. Can be used for both dye and pigment inks. Water and weather better printed ink pigment.<br />Application ranges:<br /><br />Pictorial art, canvas art, advertising map demo, the interior decorating business and civil, and commercial paper covers, banners, etc.<br /><br />Applies to the printer:<br /><br />The printer includes a wide formal and higher office such as Epson, Mimaki, Colorspan, Roland, HP, and almost, Canon, Lexmark, Mutoh printer and the types of water based ink for dye and pigment.<br /><br />Technology parameter:<br /><br />Thickness: 500 50um600 50um weight: 375 25gsm400 25gsm<br /><br />Specifications:<br /><br />0.61 m 12.2M 24 " 40" 0.914M 12.2M 36 " 40" 1.27 m 12.2M 50 " 40" 1.52 m 12.2M 60 " 40" or in accordance with the requirements of the customer is specifications.<br /><br />CAUTION:<br /><br />You can use this product to an internal, dyes, outdoor and water-based pigments, printer ink cartridges. And recommended to use pigment-based inks for the outdoors, without the use of short-term cover when outdoors. Products based on customer demand is divided into two types, and can reflect the effect of two different types of oil paintings.

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