Coffee Bags valve


<br />1. Custom sizes, materials, and design<br />2. Food grade, and sanitation<br />3. 1 way valve relief<br />4. Air humidity UV proof<br /><br /><br />Bags of coffee valve works by the expulsion of carbon dioxide without allowing any oxygen in spite of the same place that expelled them. Coffee and put bags for the convenience of an instant coffee, but maintain the flavor of coffee.<br /><br /><br />Material: PET PA OPP AL RCPP CPP layer and one or make up.<br /><br />gusseted bottom or side can make a stand, etc: Type<br /><br />Color: Prints up to 9 colors<br /><br />Printing: Printing Drilling matt or gloss print spot.<br /><br />He concluded: zipper, slider zipper, heat sealing, adhesive sealing<br /><br /><br />And can store 1 at low temperature: the features<br />2 Superior print quality and good shape<br />3 various sizes and shapes available<br /><br /><br />We are a leading manufacturer of products, flexible packaging, specializing in the production of bags, plastic packaging, flexible packaging rolls of film and film reduced temperature, such as plastic bags from the bottom to seal the packaging, bags and mid-seal bags, gusseted side, stand bags zipper lock packaging, vacuum bags and bags and bags and packaging retortable coffee with air valves, etc., which can be made from materials such as plastic, plastic coated, plastic, aluminum, paper and plastic.<br /><br />We have the advanced technology, skilled personnel and experience of the full range of sophisticated equipment such as computerized printing machines nine color, and packaging machinery and automatic bag making lines in the 300 000 degree of dust-free workshop to meet customer requirements specified number of years.<br /><br /><br />We provide professional packaging options to our customers with excellent quality, competitive prices, professional services after sales.<br /><br /><br />Our products are mainly used to pack food or feed, and liquids, grains, coffee, seeds, and so is the production of bags and packaging of these films under strict hygienic conditions to ensure the food contained a clean, dry, and sanitation.<br /><br />Main materials are PET PA OPP enterprise AL CPP or other according to customer demand.

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