Commercial Ro Water Purifier


<br />Source of commercial RO-100G Water Purifier<br />Classification of customers satisfaction is 91.99<br /><br />A.Profile introduce RO:<br />The RO water purifier in the world for water treatment most advanced equipment at the moment, the essential parts and the use of reverse osmosis technology import from America. It can be completed to cut the impurity, such as bacteria and suspended material, heavy metals, colloids, organic and so on, and adjust the taste of water. Make sure that the water fresh, and always drink fresh, clean water and cheap. Desalination rate will reach 90 or more, the accuracy of a candidate up 0.00001micron.<br /><br /> Parameters:<br />1.Applicable working voltage: AC220V, DC24V<br />2.Power: between 1.1KW and 1.3KW<br /> Water flow rate: 16L H<br />4.Applicable Temperature: 5 to 40 cc<br />5.Applicable water pressure: 0.15 to 0.4MPa<br />6.Daily water output capacity: 378L to 1512L<br /> Index: can be drinking filtered water directly<br />8.Scope application: from 20 to 40 people<br /><br /> Advantages:<br /> Process without addition of chemicals, using purely physical methods of filtering, it can be treated drinking water directly.<br />And can produce water continuously and automatically, to ensure the quality is stable and completely rule out the risk of secondary contamination;<br />3. It is easy to be maintenance, and is not easy to get out of the system with the benefit of safe and reliable<br /><br /> Function of filter units:<br /> Phase: polypropylene PP filter<br /><br />Is it possible to remove the sand and suspended solids, colloid, impurity, with a large filtration area and the impact of fine 3-5 months<br /><br />Phase II : Granular active carbon:<br /><br />And can be stepped up in the heterochromatic, and odor, hydrogen halide, organic, and other harmful substances 6-8 months<br /><br /> The third stage: Activated carbon filter:<br /><br />Can be stepped up very heterochromatic, odor, and hydrogen halide, organic, and other harmful substances, which makes the taste of drinking water 6-8 months<br /><br /> The fourth stage: RO membrane<br /><br />It relies on reverse osmosis

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