compression therapy massager MK400


contact: rubyemik AT Air compression therapy massager MK400 system features: Touch key pad controllers Compression mode:A,B,Full modes Compression speed controller:1~6 speed level Optional care program:6 steps Reverse compression controller Compressing part indication graphic Pressure sensor controller Air compression therapy massager MK400-therapeutic action The lymphatic drainage system was 400 K.designed to make therapy sessionscustomized and allow to treat alltypes of pathologies linked to insufficient blood circulationAir compression therapy massager Three compression modesA mode:Compression and decompression of each successive cellOption 2 reverse sequences classic bottom-up and a sequence from top to bottomB mode:Compression of each successive cell* Reverse setting two classic sequences from the bottom up and top-down sequenceC mode:Compression of each successive cell by two segment two segments* Reverse setting two classic sequences from the bottom up and top-down sequence Air compression therapy massager specification: Pressure range 0mmHg(Skip),20~200mmHg Time range 0~90mmHg 8 compression modes A~H mode Hold time range 0~6 seconds Interval time range 0~19 seconds Machine size 400 x350 x220mm Machine weight 18kg

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