Concentric casing drilling system symmetrix


<br />They are suitable for drilling pipes with outer casing diameters, which are from 108mm to 323mm. With stable and reliable performance of the work, and less vibration from the drilling platforms, which enables the holes in the rock formations that contain some of the ovals, and rock fractures. And usually applied to consolidate the project and the construction of roads, pipes, cables, taking samples and geothermal well, water wells, foundations and other detailed product description applied to the drilling operations where the rock formation and the overburden and the need to support the casing pipe. Certificate: ISO9001: 2008 and E. It is recommended that the long and the application to drill in the rock formation which contains some ovals and fractures. Design principles to make the cover easy to follow-up, equipment and process advantages of simple and outstanding performance stable and reliable work, and less vibration from the rig and flexible to open and close. Process 1.when conduct drilling operations begin, and the oscillating wings, and a huge amount to pay for shoes and casing pipe in the hole. 2.When the completion of drilling in rock formations unlike overburden drilling tools and you will get to close the wings, and can be asked of the hole drilling tools. Can be followed 3.Next construction. Packaging in the case of wooden carton lead time delivery within 20 days after receiving advance for minimum power supply PAYMENT 1 500pcsmonth

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