Conductivity meter Plug Tester Plug pen


<br />Conductivity meter Plug Tester pen conductivity<br />Specifications<br />Range: 0 9990uscm<br />Resolution: 1uscm 0 999uscm 10 us cm 1000 9990uscm<br />Accuracy: table full 2<br />Calibration: Factory calibrated<br />Auto shut-off: 10 minutes<br />Temperature compensation: Automatic<br />Operating temperature: 0 C to 50 C<br />Power Source: 2 1.5V button cell<br />Size: 142X 25X15mm<br />Weight: 36g<br /><br />Operating Instructions<br />1. Remove the protective cap.<br />2. Click on the button on off once out of the water. Will be tested read "000".<br />3. Immerse the test in the water no more than 2 inches.<br />4. Wait on the screen to install. In the test automatically compensates for temperature variations. Once the readings stabilize 10-30seconds, press the button down to display out of the water.

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