Control barrier


<br />The most important features and remote control buttons and the controller process barrier, and three light output and show a variety of information state, and convenient for users to see information from the checkpoint, and two relays provides a wide range of means of production, and can be used for traffic control or other required features with anti-strike vehicle, and automatically close after going car and team function release; the manual select automatically, so as to provide users with an easy way to control; amendment gatekeeper door handle at the time switch 1-16 seconds without adjustment of the level; do not close when he opened the gate, and to avoid losses in the operations of the error; Motor protection function over-current; only for 700-TG close automatically with adjustable time and function of delay; only for 700-TG function call 485, only for 700-TG provide an effective level in accordance with the user's choice of only for 700-TG Technical Specifications Operating temperature: -25 C 70 C and a well-ventilated operating voltage: 12v DC no gas liquids are not mold, no place for the strong intervention of the magnetic field does not direct sunlight, without serious repercussions from the place of no access to the dimension of children: 155 110 60mm

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