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<br />Founded in 1986, Suzhou Xinxin plant spare parts and covers an area of 20 mu 1mu equal to 0.067 hectares, including the 5000 areas of a building in the city of Dongshan, which is rich in a network of natural water and fertile agricultural land in and Chong live in Suzhou. So far the factory has developed into the largest one with the fixed assets to total up to 20million yuan and a staff of 100.90 of them are technicians, while the rest of the running figure. And is also equipped with equipment such as machinery independent center, both types of digital control and a joint of lathes, drilling machines and milling machines, grinding differed in the function of such a tool, both internal and external circular from the surface normal, linear cutting machine, welding machine CO2 protected, plate shearing machine, bending machine . Its business scope in the following manufacturing spare sealed, equipment and products, assembled and small copper rods and bows. Now, with an annual turnover of more than 50 million yuan.

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