Core drilling machine


<br />Features<br />It is one of the basic exercises spindle mechanical and hydraulic transmission. Reasonable structure, stable running and simple operation make it easy to modify, installation and maintenance. There are two types of gyrators Optional: normal and large diameter.<br />SPECTFICATIONS<br />Depth of hole 50mm bar: 1300m 60mm bar: 950m<br />GyratorSpeed 4105G58 dieselengme Speed Speed :80-1000dmin Reverse: 68r min; 211r min<br />Spindle ID: 96mm Spindle stroke: 600mm<br />Liftingcapacity: pressure 120kN: 90kN<br />Crane Lifting speed: 1.29m , 1.84m, 2.86m s<br />Lift capacity single line: 45kN<br />Engine power: 37KW and 1470rpm<br />Diesel Engine: 42KW and 1500rpm<br />Weight without engine 2150kg<br />Dimension L W H 3030mm ll00mm l890mm

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