Corrugated Metal Gasket


<br />Product Description<br />Article: Metal<br />Format: an essential link gasket<br />Standard or non-standard: Standard<br />Place of Origin: Zhejiang China<br />Brand Name: FENG Gong<br />Shipping and payment terms: TT LCD or negotiate<br />Minimum order quantity: 1 piece pieces<br />Serrated metal gasket<br />Types:<br />A.basic ring gasket<br /> Gasket inner ring<br />Out of gasket inner ring<br />D. Leaked the brutality of the inner ring<br />Minerals: Iron, soft, firm, Ni, 304SS, 321SS, 304l SS, Monel 400, Inconel 600, Hastelloy<br />B2, T, etc. Brass,<br />Sealing material: graphite, PTFE, Eptfe, non-asbestos, and silver.<br />Working temperature:-100750<br /><br />Working Pressure: 35Mpa<br /><br />Provide specifications: Dn101500mm<br />Application:<br />Can be sealeder of the flat metal gasket. Specially designed, it is suitable for use on the tube flange of high pressure and high temperature. And it's easy to not close the top cover of the pressure vessels in all types of valves.<br />If you are interested in our products or need more information,<br />You can browse website.we We welcome your visit

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