Corrugated pipe extruder machine


<br />Production line can produce continuously PVC, PA, PP and other pipes, plastic, single wall corrugated pipe has a high temperature, corrosion resistance, corrosion resistance, high strength, and flexibility is good, which is used widely in the wiring harness car, Threaded electrical, and machine tool lines, and pipelines jacket lighting, air conditioners, washing machines, water pipes and other fields. The company has developed a series of good plastic and single wall corrugated pipe production line, through the transfer unit gear, water and cold-chain template and cooling of the product, and make the production of corrugated pipe forming speed, and wave form, and uniform, and joints fixed, internal and external wall smooth, and can be applied in high-end wiring harness car. Extruder SJ-150 25 SJ-120 25 Engine power K 55-75 37-55 Block Casting amount P 2 2 power vacuum pump K 1111 drawing speed m. 1 min from 0.5 to 5 0.5 to 5 drawing energy 3 kW 3 speed line cutting m. S-1 44.6 44.6 Capacity kg. H-1 120-300 65-190

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