CPM centrifugal pumps and a series of Democratic Kampuchea


<br />Description:<br />Series consists of centrifugal pumps with the impeller 1 and one<br />These pumps have the basic form is the result of careful design options, provided for specific performance characteristics<br />The impeller, mounted on the shaft end of the car, directly facing the suction opening formed in the pump body<br />The form of a proposal radial impeller is transferred to the liquid, the center to the outside, with a minimum loss of hydraulics. Within the channel impeller blades transfer energy to the fluid both in the form of pressure, and increase in speed. After leaving the impeller the liquid passes to the publisher spiral tapered shape that turns the part of the kinetic energy to pressure energy<br />Material and the limits of work:<br />Pump body: cast iron<br />Impeller: Brass<br />Motor housing: aluminum<br />Book cover: cast iron<br />Mechanical seal: stainless steel copper<br />Shaft: 45 stainless steel or iron<br />Bearing: SKF, NTN, NSK, China<br />Insulation class: B and F.<br />Protection class: IP44 and IP54

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