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<br />Early in the year 2007, we established the Office of the sales of some native plants of handbag, bag tool, ice bag, and laptop bag, travel bag, cosmetic bag, bags, jewel, CD bag, belt, rope, Velcro strap, and hats, earmuff, head band, and T-shirts, and other small promotional items. In order to meet market requirements of customers more effective, as well as potential problems, FMG knows that it is necessary for themselves to make every effort to provide more relevant products of FMG. Rules on this principle, at the end of 2007, FMG set up a factory for the production of new T-shirt with more items of promotional products. We believe, the power of one man is limited, so always choose the FMG, combining semiconductor factory to work together, they help FMG to expand product ranges and the preservation of FMG more competitive. The factory can not walk and grow up along the left to the clients, FMG people know this very well. Nothing is impossible because we are a team and we are in one world. FMG has to do what ever is: Bzban, retain and value-added business. This is the principle that name: FMG, Bird, sales, manufacturing management, group, grow. Let's achieve a common goal of both together from now on Y. We are a supplier in and Golden

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