Cummins Inline 5 diagnostic scanner heavy V7.4 latest software


<br />Cummins Inline 5 heavy duty scanner diagnostics<br /><br />Cummins INSITE INLINE5 v.7.4 052010<br /><br />Cummins INSITE is a software application-based personal computer, which allows quick and easy access to the engine performance of electronic information, which enables faster turn times service. INSITE helps to ensure accurate and diagnostic procedures, and reduce downtime, while increasing productivity and profits.<br /><br />Provide your business with:<br /><br />Trip and vehicle information<br />And parameter adjustment feature<br />The problem of accurate diagnosis<br />Maps of the entire sensor wires diagramsand site<br />Step-by-step problem-solving information<br />Fault tree information<br />Error code and diagnosis based on symptoms<br />Engine diagnostic tests<br />Tools for creating templates for a range of cars<br />Reward programs, fleet management driver<br />Audit trail information<br />Enhance the security of ECM<br />The Cummins INSITE in four functional levels: Basic, White, RSGR and Pro, ranging from read-only access at the level of full-function access and professional capacity of the service.<br /><br />Cummins diagnostic equipment consits of multiplexer with Y-cable 6 pin and 9, Cummins INSITE diagnostic software library with calibration INCAL. And can be pre-installed Optionaly Cummins INSITE on your laptop to provide ready-to-use latency diagnostic suite.<br /><br />Languages: English, Hungarian, Dutch, Danish, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, German, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Russian, Turkish, French, Czech, Swedish, and Japanese<br /><br />Inline 5 as many product P N 4918416 and include:<br /><br />Inline link statements 5 adapter P N 3165033<br />USB 2 meter cable P N 4918419<br />DB25F9-pin data link cable P N 3165159<br />DB25F6-pin data link cable P N 3165160<br />Inline 5 CD program P N 4918417<br />The issue of storage P N 3165143

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