Custom design a special heavy duty hydraulic cylinder marine machines


<br />Steel plant hydraulic cylinder<br />1. Hight quality of performance<br />2. manuacturing dedicated professional large hydraulic cylinder<br /><br />Product Name: steel factory hydraulic cylinder, high pressure hydraulic cylinder, custom hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic cylinders, especially large, hydraulic ram:<br />1. Machines suitable for smelting steel plant, plant<br />2. Custom design<br />3. Were brought high-quality spare parts, bearing, and seals of famous brand all over the world.<br />4. 25 years experience of large hydraulic cylinders, and some of our engineers are working in this field for 40 years.<br />5. Competitive price, fast delivery.<br />6. ISO, and strict control over the qualty<br />7. High quality, and 3 years of quality assurance.<br />8. OD: 1870mm, ID: 1260mm<br />9. Max OD can be up to 2000mm, can be up to the maximum 25 meters Stoke<br />10. Chrome plate steel, nickel or ceramic coating.<br /><br />Our motto: processing cylinder safer for our customers, we exceed your expectations

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