Cylinders of compressed natural gas


<br />Car cylinders of compressed natural gas manufactured by the plant machines Jiangbei very popular and well sold domestic and exported to Iran, Korea, Russia, Pakistan, Colombia, Malaysia and so on at the present time it is created the second production line with annual capacity of 200, steel cylinders 000 and many of the ships natural gas, such as CDs, drained composite cylinders, storage vessels for compressed natural gas, CNG fueling station groups of secondary cylinders. Sufficient funds to rely on her, and advanced technology, large production capacity and ensure high quality makes efforts to be the first specialized factory class pressure vessels in the world.<br /><br />It means a complete test, such as detection, ultrasonic and magnetic powder test and X-ray, has obtained a certificate of the first row of the National Meteorological with a high potential for discovery and analysis of metallic materials of different, and non-metal materials, welded parts and composite materials. In the context of high pressure vessel manufacturing, and testing of a strict physical, chemical, pressure test, a test gas tightness, fatigue test, the test is performed and the explosion outside the magnetic powder testing to ensure good quality products.

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