Dance floor


<br />Pitch P31.25mm<br />Pixel configuration SMD 3 in 1 Silan<br />Unit Size of plate mm 500 X 500 X 70MM<br />Weight 5KG<br />Brightness of 4000cd <br />Color temperature of 5000 9300 deg.K adjustable default value,: 6500K<br />Pixel configuration SMD<br />Pixel pitch 31.25 mm<br />Pixel matrix 16 16<br />Quantitym2 1024 pixels<br />Showing a distance of 15 500meters<br />1073700000 types of color<br />1024 gray level degree<br /> 60HZ frame rate<br />Display update rate of 1000Hz no tingle when the camera kinescoping<br />Age 100, 000Hours<br />Monitor the situation coincided with the computer or TV and radio<br />Open the remote control 1, twisted pair cable internet, and after the transfer of 130 meters Max<br />2, the question of a fiber-optic transmission distance: less than 500 meters<br />3, one mode optical fiber transmission distance: 10 km<br />Power supply 90V AC - 260V, 50 - 60HZ<br />Assertion of power 75wcabinet Council of Ministers<br />Entry protection IP54<br />Applied to the internal environment Day Night<br />Ambient temperature -20 to 55 degrees<br />Relative humidity 10 to 95

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