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<br />How to make the car ride cool and quiet Shenzhen Diana Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. does not function, and provides the same products you Dynamat. Dhyana build yourself a luxury car by reducing the noise of the rain, wind, road, tires and so on, and offers you quiet and comfortable indoor environment. AceMat used to have to reduce noise, and to stop vibration and heat insulation, and then you will enjoy a wonderful trip.<br /><br />Talk KIT<br />Scope of application: the speakers on the doors<br />Dimension: 250mm 250mm<br />The term packaging: 2 pieces in the box 2, in cardboard boxes<br />Dimension of packaging: 31cm 28cm 11cm<br /><br />Functions:<br />1.Kit contains 2 pieces of AceMat to make the speakers work well.<br />2.Hold vibration and resonances of the door panels surrounding the speakers<br />3. Eliminate some of the sound wave distortion due to vibration

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