Decorative perforated metal


<br />Hole in sheet metal<br />We offer various metals perforated hole pattern.<br />Stainless steel sheet<br />Aluminum sheet<br /><br />Name: perforated paper<br /><br />Ownership: perforated sheet metal can be formed easily, installation, or painted<br />, Beautiful polished, light, sound reduction, and resisrance abrasion.<br /><br />Material: stainless steel perforated sheet metal, carbon steel, galvanized plate, aluminum sheet, copper,<br />Copper, plywood, fiberboard, rubber board, wooden board, cardboard, company magnesium.<br />Alloy plate, nickel plate, glass fiber, PVC plate, and vehicles.<br /><br />Hole shape: round, square, slot, triangle, round a long time, scale, diamond, oval,<br />Hexangular, etc..<br /><br />Qatar: 0.5-100mm<br /><br />Thickness: 0.5-25mm<br /><br />Dimension: width equal to or less than 1500MM<br />Length equal to or less than 4000mm or long rolls<br /><br />Equipment: machine punching machine and a small Etch<br /><br />Application: is the use of porous materials on a large scale, such as farm equipment,<br />Audio, automotive and transportation, architecture and design, electronics, and control of noise,<br />Pharmaceutical, filtration, etc..<br /><br />Delivery: The delivery of sheet metal perforated by EMS, explicit<br />Company, truck, rail, shipping and aviation.<br /><br /> We need to know the principles of human relations by the following parameters to quote;<br /> materials<br /> paper thickness<br /> a Hole<br /> Diameter: the size of holes<br /> Hole pattern: straight or overlapping<br /> the pitch distance between the center of the nearest holes 2 "<br /> dimension: length and width<br /> quantitative<br /><br />We would like to serve you in the first time, and sincerely hope that you find you have<br />The appropriate resource early

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