Deep plexus 1B 18 inch color Wig shares


<br />Stock wig<br /><br />Product Description:<br />1, Name: full lace<br /><br />2, and Hair: Indian hair<br /><br />3 the length of hair, and: 18 inches<br /><br />4 hair density,: 100 1:1<br /><br />5 Hair Color: 1B <br /><br />6 hair texture,: deep curl<br /><br />7, Cap Size: Medium 22.5<br /><br />8 articles Rabat: Wearing lace is strong and finest Swiss<br /><br />9 materials Rabat, Color: Light brown, medium curl, dark brown<br /><br />10, the child's hair: around the perimeter of<br /><br />11, a white node, konts single, double knots are available<br /><br />Allocate a block of lace products Description:<br /><br />We would like to show details of the wig in this list<br /><br />Hair material<br />We have 100 Remy Chinese hair, India Remy hair in stock, we can output a wig on what you want at any time.<br /><br />Type of lace<br />Swiss lace, French lace or lace at the mono browm light and medium brown or deep brown color.<br /><br />Fabric pattern<br />Yaki Straight SS, respectively, natural NS, respectively Ghraib Kansas, a strange curl KC, Jerry Curl JC, deep curl, curl light, you could ask for a list of the style.<br /><br />Hair Color<br />Virgin, 1, 1B, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 9, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 24, 25, 27, 27A, 30, 33, 35, 60, 144, 350 118 613, the color is fixed.<br /><br />Stock<br />More than 1000 pieces, in more detail, you could ask for a list of securities.<br /><br />Delivery<br />Custom wigs in 15-20 business days, stock wigs 3 business days.<br /><br />Hat<br /><br />Item<br />Small inch<br />Average inches<br />Large inch<br /><br />Around the head<br />21 to 21.75<br />22 to 22.75<br />23 to 23.50<br /><br />Front to nap<br />13.5 to 14<br />14 to 14.25<br />15 to 15.50<br /><br />Earover ear to the top of the head<br />11.75 to 12<br />12.5 to 12.75<br />13 to 13.50<br /><br />Nape<br />4.5<br />5 to 5.25<br />5.5 to 6<br /><br />Complex<br />, Singleor compartment double knotted, and can be No. 1 color does not do blench node<br /><br />Child hair<br />Respectively, and: about wavy or curly or with the outside perimeter<br /><br />Density<br />80 -180<br /><br /><br />1. How to place an order<br />1 choose the products you need.<br />2 contact us via e-mail or MSN, tell us the identity of the products, and the size and quantity of what you need.<br />3 We examine the goods and provide you the price quote price usually includes the cost of shipping, so the price depends on quantity,<br />The more you order, and the lowest price you can get<br />4 Send payment to us and tell us your address, full name, address, zip code, phone number<br /><br /><br /><br />2. How to pay<br />1 We use Western Union, bank payment and PayPal for payment.<br />2 We offer you the payment information we have.<br />3 If you pay via Western Union, and tells us MTCN . Western Union gives you the MTCN after you pay.<br /><br />3. Shipment:<br />1 We send goods by UPS or DHL, and are chosen for the following reasons:<br />A: with the quick delivery 2-3 days<br />B: Safe to be sent as a gift clearance, a dedicated fast<br />C: Comfort: door-to-door delivery<br />2 After delivery of your order, we will provide you with a tracking number. You can check your status and then the system through the Internet.<br /><br />3 If a large amount, and we can send by ocean shipping.

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