DEUTZ air-cooled diesel generator set


<br />Birth details:<br />1. Output: 8kw10kva to 1000Kw1250Kva<br />2. Type: The type or open type of sound proof<br />3. Frequency: 50Hz or 60 Hz<br />4. Voltage: 220380V or 230400V<br />5. Power Factor: 0.8<br />6. Stage: Stage 3<br />7. Wiring: 4 wires<br /><br />Engine Features:<br />1. Diesel world most famous brand engine: Deutz air-cooled engine<br />2. Fuel consumption of diesel engine cooling air is less than water-cooled engine<br />3. The problem is less by 27 of the diesel engine cooling water<br />4. Can be good, and began to work correctly even under -35 Celsius. It is easy to maintain and keep because of the small number of elements compared to systems such as cooling water and a low maintenance cost<br /><br />Generator Features:<br />1. The world-famous AC generator Brand: Leroy Somer, Stamford, Marathon, ENGGA<br />2. Brushes, 4 poles magnets rotation,<br />3. IP21-23 NEMA1 is attached to the standard for all industrial generators<br />4. H system, the insulating layer<br />5. AVR self-regulated, voltage regulation rate: 1<br />6. Simple installation and maintenance with easy access to terminals, rotating diodes and coupling bolts<br />7. A wide range of flange adapters and single bearing disc coupling<br />8. Radio interference restriction consistent with the text on the N-VDE0875 and ISO8528<br />9. Proof of moisture, sand and dust-proof and salt-proof and vibration proof<br /><br />Soundproofing silent box:<br />1. Excellent ventilation<br />2. Oil tank mounted under the base for 12 hours<br />3. Corrosion-resistant construction is very<br />4. Excellent access for maintenance<br />5. Security and safety<br />6. 1M 80DBA 7M 70DBA<br /><br />Control Panel:<br />1. Auto Control Panel AMF, the LCD screen<br />2. Four protection systems<br />3. An emergency stop<br /><br />Optional:<br />1. Trailer type<br />2. Soundproofing water proof<br />3. Steroids automatic transfer switch<br />4. A parallel system<br />5. A remote system<br /><br />PMC system:<br />1. Standard 2 laps pitch 3 avoid excessive neutral current<br />2. A permanent magnet generator provides constant excitation under all condition<br />3. Optional accessories available for easy paralleling with pipes or other generators<br />4. AVR voltage regulation for the automotive industry, exciting cars, modified cars<br /><br />Our advantages:<br />1. Solve technical problems in 24 hours, and provide international warranty service for engines<br />2. Design and appearance of the form according to customer demand<br />3. Polyester coating to protect the appearance of the bright and the sky raining<br />4. Two hours before the test plant<br />5. ISO9001 and CE certification

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