Diagnostic Tester-2 level to Toyota and Suzuki


<br />Function: All type of Toyota made after 2000 and Lexus included read code, clear code, and the flow of data, and test work and guard against theft and job creation. And it also supports OBD-II CHARACTER: 1. Touch screen and once again lighting 2. Quick and easy 3. The user need not worry about the after service since factory has an open courtyard for a list of products: 1. Central - 1PC 2. OBD-II - 1PC 3. Freight line - 1PC 4. Lin line - 1PC 5. Measurement leads to the multi-1 - 1PC 6. Measure leads to a multi 2 - 1PC 7. Card - 3PC after the end of the service: 1. Warranty: one year from date of equipment 2. Free upgrade for 3 years. Upgrade method: Language CD: 1, English, 2 French, 3 German, 4, Italian, 5, Spanish, and 6, and Chinese. SUZUKISDT SUZUK is a diagnostic tool technical Suzuki car. To have a diagnostic function, the function of oscillograph, and the multi-function. The machine is very useful to help you repair the car Suzuki. Function: function 1.Main: read the error code; clean wrong date Reed current code, the history the strem system setup curved shape, and control unit programming function test Sefl record and review system 2.Test function Engine automatic ABC controlled traction differential stability and airbag control Security, and Central doorlock; meters comments cruise control air conditioning system has gone electronial 3.Vehicle oscillograph SMT and the implementation of single-component oscillograhp double base preparation time and the level of electrical store and automatically run multiple 4.Digital test the electrical system, the voltage duty cycle frequency features touch screen computer background control palm compact form English German French Spanish Italian Chinese Swedish Slovak Portuguese Polish Norwegian Hungarian Greek Indonesisch between Russia and Turkey, and 16 species from the list of languages; easy to use, factory supply platform examples SUZUKISDT maintenance of good to test the car in 1.Equipment line 1.1 off the power equipment; to be connected to 1.2 with cable diagnostic OBD. 2.Star to operate the equipment on the force, and to engage in the interface and then click on the "automation" button.

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