Diesel generator set


<br />Set Model No. GF-generation diesel 10-3000kVA, 5060HZ, the third stage engines or one available in the international brands such as Cummins, Deutz, MTU, etc. and Chinese brands Introduction - advanced designs all over the world, with technology licensing National has designed all the products in accordance with the standards of ISO and IEC, and are manufactured in ISO9001 certified quality system and military environment is supported - Patents - a wide range of rated power and frequency. - Competitive prices electrical performance - constant voltage regulation: within 1 - transient voltage regulation: -15 20 in the case that the generator is used to eliminate complex - raise the generator, and can be up to -12 15 - transient voltage recovery time. 1S in the case that the generator is used to eliminate complex - raise the generator, can be up to 0,2 0.6s - Fixed Frequency Regulation. Within 3 - transient Frequency Regulation: within 10 - frequency transient recovery time: 3S - voltage range adjustment: 95 105, United Nations - voltage fluctuation tolerance in the range of 0.5 - voltage distortion waveform the contents of the harmonic: 2.5 - voltage unbalance under the load is balanced: 3 - Insulation: Class H The main advantages - excellent performance electric in all aspects - Better waveform voltage with distortion of the minimum harmonic, and suitable for all types of applications important for example, Minister of State Defence and Telecommunications - Minimum of high temperature work, with a large margin in the temperature rise of more than a hole in the insulating layer to ensure high reliability and long service life - a unique structure of the ventilation, and licensed with the national patent technology - a unique technology complex, excitement, and provides a dynamic excellent performance - a unique technology of magnetic double, and provides reliable full in the accumulation of the effort of self-excited - Solid AVR coated completely, and is denominated in resistance to moisture, vibration, fog and salt, and chemical erosions - accurate regulation voltage, with low-speed protection - small size, high reliability and long service life

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