Digital terrestrial TV and broadband UHF transmitter internal 800w1600w


<br />The most important features<br />470 - 862MHz in response to large-scale, low-noise design<br />Design of low power consumption and power of sin emitting ancestor of the transmitter, and reduces the non-linear distortion.<br />Very low group delay feature, suitable for the transfer of digital signals.<br />ALC keeps output power constant, output VSWR protection revealed<br />Apply to a single channel or multi-channel digital UHF TV transmission system<br />Can be used in broadband frequency of HFC, AML, or MMDS digital TV signal<br />Wireless network coverage of digital TV and low cost.<br />Modular design simplifies field installation services, and promotion.<br />Automatic and manual backup systems available switches.<br />Construction in the garrison with the lightning current division of power series prevents the increase in lighting and extra effort for a moment.<br />Local monitoring and control.<br />Remote monitoring and control wirelessly optional<br /><br />The sender of a large-scale and the following properties beyond the general requirement of digital terrestrial television broadcasting:<br />1.Broadband response frequency bandwidth 120MHz, and low noise design equipment noise figure 6 dB.<br /> Structure, the unit of power amplifier design of the hot components, to facilitate the maintenance of equipment at the site.<br />The measured output power of 3.Power complete digital port. Should not be measured for power equipment 1dB gain compression output power point. Equipment must be on the efficiency of the total capacity of not less than 18.<br />Stability 510-8 with internal reference source, and can be 510-11 with an external reference source, adjacent channel broadband transmission.<br />5.having transmitter broadband high-power digital and power of not less than 800W.<br /><br />Contact Us:<br />Mr. Peter Lee<br />E-mail: Peter Li points glsq dot com<br />peterlisw at yahoo dot C dot com<br />Mobile phone: 86 13978360151<br />Yahoo Messenger: peterlisw at yahoo dot C dot com<br />MSN: peterlisw at hotmail dot com<br />Skype ID: peterlisw<br />QQ: 63540576<br />On the Internet: Triple W dot com dot glsq<br />Tel: 86 0773 2120298<br />Fax: 86 0773 2120299

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