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<br />Description:<br /><br />Name: 112009<br /><br />Language Program English Chinese German French Italian Korean Spanish Portuguese <br />Finnish Danish Japan Swedish<br /><br />Also we have Turkish, Finnish, Polish, Hungarian, Korean, Czech, Dutch this rare kind of language available<br /><br /><br />Function:<br /> 1.1989 and so far the car and truck and bus, Sprint, Smart;<br />2.All electrical system diagnostics; does not include flash code<br /> Out and erasing trouble code;<br />Reading the real-time data of sensor and actuator;<br />Test the components of cars; coding and programming.<br /><br />Hardware and software requirements:<br />The program requires at least Intel Celeron 1.8GHz Pentium, 1G RAM better, USB 2.0 and the recommended Microsoft Windows SR22000XP 98 with the latest service pack is installed.<br /><br /><br />Character:<br />1. Aware of each and every official function factory BENZ compact 3.<br />2. C3 Multiplexer can connect to your computer and mobile phone manufacturer IBM.<br />3. Complete data maintenance. We can offer full disassembly and assembly circuit diagram, working principle and place of the required elements at any time. Is the best assistant for maintenance man.

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