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<br />In this process, the food production and delivery of materials, and also has a large amount of material you need to transport as raw material, the finished factory production the cells in each work procedures.It is very important continuity of production to improve production efficiency and product quality, reduce labor intensity, for Select and use the conveyor reason.Especially after, using state-of-the-art machines and independent, and automatically set up an automated production line, the position of convergence, alones each other more sweeping production especially in transportation is absolutely necessarily.The the fruuits, and vegetable product line manufactured by Wuye by world.With characteristics based on advanced technology, easy to clean, operation and maintenance convenience.It, free assembly process product line, product processing technology for the following features, it can choose. 1. Composite format: Independent, a combination of machine 2.Transportation strap: stainless steel mesh strap, rubber strap and plastic steel belt. Fashion 3.Cooling: water cooling, cooling fan 4.Put format: lines, polylines 5.Apply, constraints: cleaning, choose fruits and vegetables, boiling cooling.

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