Double shear beam load cell QS


<br />Product Features:<br />QS load cell construction with steel ball and the cup has great advantages in self place upon their return. High accuracy and reliability of high stability. Easy to install, mutually good. Good moisture-proof seal laser welding welding and glue optional. Load cell can adapt to poor working environment. Suilable the scope of the truck, railyway scale, hopper scale, and other special scales for weighing and measuring the force.<br /><br />Technical parameter:<br /><br />Rated load 510152025304050t<br />Sensitivity 2.0 0.1 by car V<br />Combination of error F.S 0.02<br />Fault creep 30min F.S 0.01<br />Zero balance F.S 1<br />TCO: 0.02 F.S10 <br />TC Span: 0.02 F.S10 <br />Input resistance: 750 5<br />Output resistance: 703 2, 703 5 L 15M<br />Insulation resistance: 5000M<br />Operating temperature. Range -30 70 <br />FS 150, 120 40 50T: the maximum safe during pregnancy<br />FS increased by 300, 200 40 50T: at the end of the day during pregnancy<br />Recommend to the excitement: 10 12V DC<br />Maximum excitation: 15V DC<br />Seal Class: IP67IP68<br />Physical component: c: alloy steel, SS: Stainless Steel<br />Cable: Length L: 5M 5T, 1012m 10 25T, 1216m 30T 0.16 meters 40 50T<br />Citation GBT7551-1997 R60 OIML<br />Red connection method input , black input, Green out , White out -

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