Double-stage vacuum transformer oil purifier oil filtration , recovery of V


<br />Please contact me immediately for more details, we will offer you the best device with the best prices and service<br /><br />Contact: Ms.laura<br />Email MSN:<br />Purifiercq a h0tmail dot com<br />oil886611 a h0tmail dot com<br /><br />Mobile :0086 -13193045594<br />Skype ID: laura1918<br />Yahoo Messenger ID: purifiercqzn<br /><br />What is the oil and this machine can be purified<br />Answer: The serious deterioration of insulating oil, transformer oil, mutual oil, and South oil and etc.<br /><br />What is the function of this mahcine<br />Answer: The machine can remove water, gas, and impurites particles in an effective manner.<br />And can be renewed oil degraded by removing the polarization materials.As we install a vacuum pump and pump the roots, compared with vacuum oil purifier from one phase, This device can separate the water, degas and removes impurities more quickly, more completely, and makes the BDV oil breakdown voltage of 75Kv or higher.<br /><br />How can the machine to remove water and gas<br />Answer: First, to rely on double-sided 3D stereo evaporation technology and G. Can not be a fusion of technology - Chapter filter that uses a fusion made in Italy and imported wood cellulose transfer 80 of the water in the pressure.After, we adopt a system dry vacuum to remove less water.<br /><br />How can I remove the machine impurites<br />Answer: The machine filters to purify the three molecules of different sizes, which depend on the technology, which can remove impurities from the network through a double trapezoidal and absorbing material of high polymer without the mechanical energy. Therefore, five or eight times more effective compared with vacuum oil purifiers common. Energy consumption is low, do not need to wear other materials<br /><br />We offer oil purifier machines as follows:<br /><br />1. Insulating oil purifier oil purifier adapters<br />2. Turbine oil purifier<br />3.Lubricating and hydraulic oil purifier<br />4. Engine oil purifier removed color<br />5. Diesel oil, fuel oil, gasoline oil purifier<br />7. Cooking oil purifier<br />8. Multi-function oil purifier machine<br />9. Totally Automa

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