Double-wall concrete pump elbow R275 15 degree


<br />Produced by special alloy, and the tubes have a double layer high wear-resistance, high hardness and can stand the impact, which can be used to make concrete, and remnants of plants, pulp and power station ash. With the HRC and durability about 65 8-15J, we have double-wall pipe to overcome the deficiencies in the steel and ceramic composite tube, which can not stand the impact. Average life expectancy is five times the pipe joint. And greatly reduced the thickness and weight. It can be used as an alternative ideal of a composite rubber tube and ceramic pipes compostie. Through the adoption of leading double-wall structures and workmanship in particular, and the inner layer is a wear-resistant alloys, and the outer layer is the high hardness steel smooth, which is an ideal solution to the problems of the explosion of anti-and wear-resistant. It ensures safety and increases the efficiency of the car and the pump can deliver significant value to operators of pumping units. Can not for the life of the pipe wall to double our reach to more than 60,000 cubic meters.

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