Draft law to combat mini


<br />Mini draft law to combat<br />We have passed the product certification CCC safe, America UL, and a certificate of the FCC and the Commission of the European CE authentication, ISO9001: 2000 quality management system certification from the side of the road when we send products to you, and if you need any certificates, and you need only tell our company products you want , and then when we sent all the goods, we will take the certificates along with the goods, so do not worry about the certificates.<br />We have 5 patents that do not mean only our company can count any money countries and export to other countries We can produce a prescription of banknotes in any country, and exported to most countries and regions in North Americas and the European Union and the Middle East, the Middle East and South East Asia and South America, Australia and Africa. In China, there are a lot of companies producing a prescription for the detection of money, and money, but for this device type, can only be produced by the company, because we have invented by the company.<br />WJD-WY811J Model: We can count any funds of the countries that the device is only one reliable any money from countries in China<br />Indicator of technical performance<br />1.Net weight: 3.3kg<br />2.Power: 38W<br />3.Preset range: 1 999<br />4.Environmental temperature: 0 40 <br />5.Environmental Humidity: 40 90 RH<br />6.Noise: 60 dB<br />7.VoltageFrequency: 110-220V 10 50 60HZ 5<br />8.Volume: 220mmX241mmX208mm<br />9.Counting Range: 0 9999 four digits<br />10.Counting speed: 9501350 sheets minute<br />11.The thickness of the nominal value: 0.075 0.15 mm<br />12.The appropriate size of the nominal value: 47X87 117X177 mm<br />13.Packaging Size: 260X280 X245 mm<br />The main function<br />With high-speed banknote <br />2.Start and stop automatically<br />3.Zero automatically clearing<br />4.Diagnose error automatically<br />5.Prevent of paper, leaving<br />6.Setting numbers in advance<br />7.Dust sucking function<br /> Screen optional accessory<br />Identify exceptional of the nominal value:<br />Half, and even paper, dual card, discrimination, etc. UV

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