Drilling and Milling Machine Vertical


<br />GM-BZX-VI is the center of working with high technology. And can result in quite complex work in a short time and to achieve high quality products. Adopted by the developed world, the Swiss NUM digital control system, can GM BZX the sixth to achieve dynamic management and precise control of each axis so that the products will be of high quality and accurate form. This is the best choice to handle simple and complex drawings automatically. GM-BZX-VI is the perfect solution to address the high precision, fast action and easy to operate. GM can BZX-VI automatically process complex drilling, milling, arrising functions etc. on the glass flat and wide. When the glass was loaded on a shelf feeding, the device begins to implement the program prepared by drilling a double drill, and milling by the router and one Grinding, and so on. arrising flexibility in the control system can meet the needs of different products, all work is completed automatically. This machine is suitable to address the structural glass frameless shower door, glass curtain wall, etc. and function including: drilling by two drill bits vice versa; by grinding one router; Arrising

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