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<br />Introduction<br /><br />DSP III is the most complete programming device for digital distance meters, and airbag modules, car radios, immobilizers car. It is a system with high-quality restaurant, which offers the greatest flexibility and convenience of work.<br /><br />Technical Reference<br />- Based on ARM 920 TDI, high frequency up to 400 MHz. 800 480 TFT LCD and touch screen 7.0 ".16:9. Convenoent USB host group keys. And a USB. SD card interface. NandFlash 128MB, 128MB SDRAM.<br />- Self-selection function in an integrated system.<br />- Enhanced OBD functions, including Canada, J1850, ISO9141, and Keyword 2000 protocols.<br />- Ntuitive operability by full menu and picture guidance. All data can be edited, stored and loaded.<br />- Color connection picture is on the screen whenver you need.<br />It can transfer data stored on your computer by USB port or card, SD, and also can be transferred to wherever you want directly by internet.<br />- Update directly from the Internet.<br /><br />Outstanding<br />VW Audi Benz BMW Chrysler GM Ford CAVALIER JAGUAR Lincoln SKODA SEAT OPEL HONDA USA by OBD2.<br />Airbag modules of VW AUDI Ben Z BMW stream Opel Ford GM by OBD2.<br /><br />The latest<br />NEW GOLF5A3TT 2007 A6 2008 A4 by OBD2 arbitrariness calculation of how much all the cars.<br />Can be programmed BMW CAS3 912XDP512 and MB EZS 9129S12 in the circuit without removing MCU<br /><br />Functions are available<br />Active functions including CAN-BUS<br />Program

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