Dye solvent


<br />Application of solvent to dye and lacquer wood, leather decoration, painting, and coloring of aluminum foil film, etc..<br />Solvent Dyes<br />Product Details:<br />CAS No. 12227-67-7<br />The appearance of liquid or powder<br />Place of Origin China Hunan<br />Sheng brand name<br />Payment and shipping conditions:<br />Minimum order quantity: 1 20 'container<br />Packaging Details: Packing: liquid: 25kgdurmk, powder: 20kgbox Inner packing plastic bag.<br />Delivery time: 15-20days<br />Payment Terms: L C, T T<br />Provide Abiity: 300000 kg per month<br /><br />Detailed Product Description<br />Product characters:<br />Good solubility with resin;<br />Content: 30 35;<br />Stable, no excessive dyes in common condition;<br />More environmental and safety concerns, and free of articles 20 aromatic amines which are prohibited in Germany;<br />High melting point temperature, and low in the case of toxic solvents;<br />PH vallue :5-8 pre-test before mixing together;<br />The degree of resistance to light :6 -8 more reduction in the green and blue.<br />Field application:<br />1 Wood and lacquer: soluble in stability, and most solvents and resin superior in the treatment of acid resin, amino, and melamine resins and acrylic, and excellent performance in color and lacquer wood;<br />2 decorating skin and coloring: Equipment for the pre-treatment or post-decoration of all the layers of normal skin, the presence of metal flicker effect, and perfect weather resistance;<br />3 coloring of the film aluminum foil and transfer printing: excellent performance of the color such as brightness, color, space suitable for aluminum foil, electroplating of and other film of transparent plastic, and processing of bronzing and transfer printing, no need of other additives, and applied in the different layers of paint;<br />4 printing ink and packaging: Offset printing ink and plate drilling, superior performance with color pigment paste;<br />5 Fixed ink: good solubility, and equipment for all the oily ink;<br />6 Others: also be applied in the coloring of shoe polishes, lubricants, greases and other molecule became agitated.<br />Dosage:<br />Content of 30 in solvent dyes, reducing to 1 is for the requi

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