E Series Flow Control and Relief Valves


E Series Flow Control and Relief Valves: We supply different types of hydraulic valves like Pressure Control Series, Flow Control Series, Electro-Hydraulic Control Series, Directional Valves, etc. They are widely used in various hydraulic systems. Model No. / Description: EFBG-03-125--17/EFBG-06-250--17/EFBG-10-500--17/ Max. Operating Pressure MPa (PSI): 24.5 (3550) Max. FlowL/min (U.S.GPM): 125 (33)/250 (66)/500 (132) Metred Flow Adjustment Range L/min (U.S.GPM): 1-125 (.26-33)/2.5-250 (.66-66)/5-500 (1.32-132) Flow Controls Rated Current: 600 mA/580 mA/700 mA Coil Resistance: 43.5 Ω Differential Pressure MPa. (PSI): 0.6 (85)/0.7 (100)/0.9 (130) Hy steresis: Less than 7% Repeatability: Less than 1% PressureControls Pres. Adj. RangeMPa. (PSI) C: 1.4-13.7(205-2000)/1.5-13.7(220-2000)/1.6-13.7(230-2000) H: 1.4-20.6(205-3000)/1.5-20.6(220-3000)/1.6-20.6(230-3000) Rated Current C: 750 mA/690 mA/690 mA H: 750 mA/730 mA/690 mA Coil Resistance: 10(Omega) Hy stersis: Less than 3% Repeatability: Less than 1% The specification of our Hydraulic Pumps and Valves is the same with Yuken's, but the price is more attractive. We have our own factory in Taiwan. Our product quality is better than those made in China. The specifications for pressure controls are applied to models with proportional pilot relief valve. (Ex. EFBG-03-125-C-*-17) The maximum pressure adjustment range of the models without proportional pilot relief valves is 24.5 MPa (3550 PSI). For more product information, please visit our web site: or contact us by e-mail. Price, MOQ, delivery time are negotiable, please contact us for correct quotation and product details.

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